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Classical Bill 2023:
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Written by Bertolt Brecht

Directed by Lerato Islam

Murder. Extortion. Cauliflower? Gangster Arturo Ui is on the loose, and he will stop at nothing to gain control of the vegetable trade in the city of Chicago. Follow his trail of bribes, violence and deceit in this ambitious satirical play, filled with larger-than-life characters. How far is Arturo willing to go to rise to power? And more importantly, will those around him even let him? 


Brecht’s play is a parable of Hitler’s rise to power.


Stray is very privileged to have such a knowledgeable and skilled director in Community Theatre onboard. Lerato is an international student, from London UK, currently undertaking her PhD at the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation. Lerato is an Applied Theatre Practitioner, specialising in providing psychosocial and linguistic support through Drama. 

Trailer by Josh Wang


Arturo Ui





Production Manager

Co-Stage Manager

Co-Stage Manager

Set Designer




Marketing Manager

Show Graphic Designer

Connor Magatogia

Jack Chen-Sinclair

Aidan Espinosa

Rebecca Eggersglusz

Sage Liu

Emma Mazzaschi

Hjordis McEvoy

Daniel Ott

Vatsal Shah

Lerato Islam

Adam Paterson

Yasir Foladi

Kyla Blennerhassett

Eloise Eng

Ruby Wilson

Ben Allen

Joe Blest

Martha Carey

Kristal Sun

Elliette O'Brien

Mikaela Stroud



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