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Contemporary Bill 2023:
Low Pay? Don't Pay!
Written by Dario Fo, translated by Joseph Farrell
Directed by Thomas Julyan

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After a protest over costs of goods at a local supermarket turns into out right looting, housewife Antonia, and her loyal friend Margherita, find themselves in a madcap pursuit across Milan as they scramble to hide their ‘liberated’ groceries from both the authorities and their oblivious husbands.

Taking inspiration from the likes of The Play That Goes Wrong this mindful retelling of Dario Fo’s…second most famous farce presents to you a night of chaos, hilarity and second-hand embarrassment as the same struggles that befall the good people of Milan seem to have similarly landed in the hands of an unprepared, unvalued and especially unfinanced production crew.

Show Trailer

Antonia: Uisce-Lily Treacy-Bond
Μargherita: Galina Zubova
Giovanni: David Laxon
Luigi: Rowan Button
Sergeant/ Inspector/ Undertaker/ Old Man: Nathan Young

The Fools
Patsy: Vatsal Shah
Stella: Kiki Nishiyama
Thatch: Hjordis McEvoy

Video and editing by Lily Sloan

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