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School Programme 2024

For the first time, Stray Theatre Company are introducing a School Programme for year 11-13 students in Auckland to expose them to theatre outside of secondary school and what the next step in their theatre journey could be. 

Our intention is for students to see where drama lessons can take them once they leave secondary school and to understand that despite their academic studies, they can still participate in drama related activities. Whether that is performing on stage or working behind the scenes. We aim to be a bridge between high school theatre and the amateur theatre scene. 

All four of our 'bills' will have a school matinee performance and a Q&A session with some of the cast and crew involved in the show. We will also be creating study guides for our first three shows to be in line with NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 external examinations:

-  AS90011 (Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance)

- AS91219 (Discuss drama elements, techniques, conventions and technologies within live performance)

- AS91518 (Demonstrate understanding of live drama performance)

- AS91943 (Respond to a drama performance - NCEA Level 1 Pilot)


  • A school matinee performance on Thursdays during our show week, including a Q&A session with cast and crew.

  • A study guide for each show (except Stir Fried) if students wish to write on these performances for their NCEA externals. 

  • $8 staff and student tickets for the matinee performance. 

  • Early access to ticket purchases. 

  • A mailing list including show details and free workshops you and your students may wish to attend.

Our Previous Shows:

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Our Bills

Stray produces four main bills throughout the year. Each bill has an open submission to any members who wish to write and/or direct a production. Due to the nature of 'Stir Fried', our annual short play show, this will not be offered under the school programme.


The production scripts get selected throughout the year. At this stage we have no confirmation of which specific shows we will be performing; however, each bill has a specific theme to relate to.

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