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Original Bill 2023: 

The Musical

book by Josh Liddell-Trotter

score by Hamish Long

lyrics by Josh Liddell-Trotter and Hamish Long

The Factory Theatre

27th - 30th Septmeber

Mongoose The Musical Poster.png


‘Mongoose: The Musical’ is an original comedic sci-fi murder mystery musical, following a group of crewmates on a spaceship dealing with the unexpected death of their Captain at the hands of an intruder amongst their ranks. Differentiated by their coloured uniforms, the crew of the S.U.S.A Mongoose each attempt to solve the mystery of their Captain’s death.

A confident detective! An amnesiatic Doctor! A spicy love affair! Blackmail! Shocking twists! The whole shebang!

Comedic hijinks ensue, featuring 13 original musical theatre numbers. ‘Mongoose: The Musical’ is a love letter to the murder mysteries and sci-fi genres, which never takes itself too seriously. 


Trailer by Ryn Liddell, Jake Cattaway and Vincent Walker

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